The Baron of Bubble

Larry Ripp is The Baron Of Bubble!  As the character “Sir Sydney Soapington“ Larry brings to any event something really special, Bubbles!   But not just any bubbles. Any fun loving kid can blow bubbles the size of baseballs but how about a bubble the size of a washing machine or a smart car?  Larry will come to your event in costume as his jolly character Sir Sydney Soapington , The Baron Of Bubble and will blow everyone away with his truly awe inspiring soap creations!  But that’s not all!  Larry comes equipped with a boom box playing charming bubble making music and has a multitude of bubble making toys which he encourages young and old to use and help make huge bubbles along with him!  Who’ll make the biggest bubble?  Well since Sir Sydney is a licensed “Floatologist” with a DOF (Doctor Of Floatology) the answer is simple.  The Baron Of Bubble is a great and unique addition to any party or event and he’s ready to bring you the greatest, most colorful bubbles you will ever see or perhaps even make yourself! 
Everybody loves The Baron Of Bubble!”  Book him now!