"We did two seating's with a total of 200 guests (100 each seating). The event went so well and Doug was fabulous. He is so easy to work with and really good with the kids. This is the third year in a row we have used him!"
Amy Smith, 12/19/2017
Amy Smith, 12/19/2017 Event Coordinator
"Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. The balloon artist and the glitter tattoo artist were amazing! We were very pleased to have them. It was a fabulous event!"
"Your team was absolutely amazing & wonderful! From start everyone kept the kids captivated and entertained with dancing, games, face painting and just mountains of fun. They were very attentive to the kids needs and made the afternoon magical and completely stress free for our staff. A huge thanks, we had an amazing time, everything was perfect! I also want to say, I had time to chat with everyone & have to say personally “loved them all”!! I would give you 100 out of 100 & highly recommend FunTime Funktions!"
"Excellent! Kept the children engaged. Very entertaining."
Connie Boonstra, 7/25/2017
Connie Boonstra, 7/25/2017 Secretary/Buffalo Hanover Montrose ECFE
"Steve was very good and the kids enjoyed the 'shows'. The younger kids had a blast playing the games and the older kids loved to make the 'twirl thingies'. Had many parent comment that they loved it."
Gunilla, 7/25/2017
Gunilla, 7/25/2017 Site Lead BH Summer Camp
"Hi Jeanna. Please give Mr. Fun a 10+ for his work with the children at Hearts and Minds Preschool yesterday! He had us make Poy? Even though we had very young children, he was so willing and patient and gave everyone the time they needed to have success at their project. I so appreciate his work! "
Stephanie Ponticas, 7/13/2017
Stephanie Ponticas, 7/13/2017 Childcare owner
"Very nice lady! Arrived on time and did a great program!"
Elie Lynch, 10/7/2017
Elie Lynch, 10/7/2017 Event Coordinator
"The kids LOVED the balloons and several families had a great time getting a fun “family portrait” done. Kevin and Anthony were great with everyone. Great family fun for all!!"
Mia Anibas, 6/24/2017
Mia Anibas, 6/24/2017 Infrastructure Administrator
"Mr. Fun was awesome! We had children from 3 to 11 years old, and he captured their attention! He gave very good information about the historical roots of the toys he demonstrated and the children had a ball trying out the various toys. The parents were very impressed also. I will definitely refer your group to friends."
Stephanie Ponticas, 6/21/2017
Stephanie Ponticas, 6/21/2017 Childcare owner
"The kids had a blast. Mr. Fun is always so energetic when he comes out and performs with the kids. I think I will have to book a longer session next time so they can get more time to play with the great toys he brings."
Laura Genadek, 6/20/2017
Laura Genadek, 6/20/2017 Adventure Club Supervisor
"The children loved the stories/shows. It may have been a bit over our toddler children's heads...but everyone loved the shows regardless. We will definitely be booking again!!"
Anita Decker, 06/15/2017
Anita Decker, 06/15/2017 Center Director
"Kailen did a great job! Thanks!"
Betsy Sandgren, 6/14/17
Betsy Sandgren, 6/14/17 Kids Club Coordinator
"The evening went well despite the wet weather – Steve was great playing with the family of 4 who was their only audience!"
"Mr Fun is always fun! Very engaging for 2nd graders. He incorporates a good mix of learning and humor. So fun that he kids all get to use the toys!"
Greta Lewis, 6/7/17
Greta Lewis, 6/7/17 Teacher
"Lydia was great! Showed up before the party to discuss details with me and have everything set up before the party goers started showing up. Everyone was commenting how great her work was and amazed at the speed she was able to do them in!"
Ashley Kliniske, 5/15/15
Ashley Kliniske, 5/15/15 Parent
"Everyone really enjoyed Rachel as our Artist She did a wonderful job and was so friendly to everyone. She took the time to draw whatever our guest wanted. And her drawings were so good. They were ready to be framed. I didn’t see her leave to tell her thank you and goodbye so would you please relay that message and let her know that we really enjoyed her. Would definitely have her again at another event. Once again thank you for a very special time!!!!"
Carolyn Longchamps, 5/15/17
Carolyn Longchamps, 5/15/17 Bride
"Everything went awesome. Cindy was superb with face painting and balloon twisting. All kids enjoyed a lot. Thank you for making my daughter's birthday party a great and memorable event. For sure will refer Funtime Funktions to my friends and family."
Alpesh Doshi, 5/1/17
Alpesh Doshi, 5/1/17 Parent
"Everything went well and everyone loved them. Thank you for making my children's party wonderful."
Ana Vera, 5/1/17
Ana Vera, 5/1/17 Parent
"Everything was perfect! Heather was amazing and would love to have her again!"
Susie Kasa, 4/24/17
Susie Kasa, 4/24/17 Parent
"Thanks so much for checking-in! It was a great show! The kids had a blast!"
"Everything went great with Arie on Saturday night. She showed up on time, was pleasant, and did her best to create the caricatures we asked for. Thank you for providing someone on such short notice!"
Jennifer Paul, 4/6/17
Jennifer Paul, 4/6/17 Birthday party host
"The Easter Bunny was great! We really appreciate working with you! I will definitely keep you in mind for future events we have in the City. Thanks again!"
Amanda Clarke, 4/2/17
Amanda Clarke, 4/2/17 Recreation Supervisor, City of Edina
"Thank you. He's a really nice guy and he gave the kids a great time."
Tzipora Greenberg, 3/13/17
Tzipora Greenberg, 3/13/17 Parent
"They were wonderful! So talented and professional!"
Anne Dean, 3/13/17
Anne Dean, 3/13/17 PSI Carnival - repeat customer
"Omg! The kids loved her! She did A amazing job! If we ever need A clown again we will definitely contact you guys!! Thanks so much!"
Carri Newman, 3/4/17
Carri Newman, 3/4/17 Parent
"Jason was awesome!! He was stuck in a living room with a bunch of tiny, yelling children and he was a total champ! My daughter would not stop going after the array of balloons hanging off of his belt and it never threw him off. I have no idea how he gets through that without suffering from major child induced ptsd, lol, but he was fantastic. Thank you so much again for making availability for a last minute request 😊"
Nicole Harper, 2/25/17
Nicole Harper, 2/25/17 Parent
"Lulu the Clown was perfect. She has a fine sense of humor and is considerate of the feelings of shy 3 and 4-year-olds. The kids were held in rapt attention and not too intimidated. The little girl asked Lulu to dance with her, and the little boy was proud of his animal balloons, a gorilla and a penguin. Everybody had lots of fun. Thank you for a successful evening!"
Patriciate Pertson, 2/20/17
Patriciate Pertson, 2/20/17 Parent
"She was wonderful! I will definitely recommend and I know the parents at the party were impressed. Thanks!"
Jennifer Crowley, 2/20/17
Jennifer Crowley, 2/20/17 Parent
"Everything went wonderful! We loved Elvis and he added a lot to our event. We will be calling on your services again in the future I am sure. Not sure what for, but I am sure we will think of something. If anyone asks I will be sure to recommend you for anything. If I see an opportunity I will talk you guys up. I look forward to talking to you in the future."
Tracy Collins, 2/13/17
Tracy Collins, 2/13/17 Malone School Parent Committee
"It went great! The kids had so much fun!!"
Mary Pollard, 1/21/17
Mary Pollard, 1/21/17 Parent
"We had a blast with Santa George! The visit was perfect. George was jovial and fun and relaxed, and his helper did a nice job leading songs, reading a story, and keeping George on track :) All went exceptionally well,and we look forward to a repeat performance in the future. Thanks for your help!"
Jean Hariman, 1/2/17
Jean Hariman, 1/2/17 Parent
"We had an awesome time and the entertain was a hit!!"
Mike Olsen, 1/2/17
Mike Olsen, 1/2/17 Keller Williams Premier Realty
"We had a great time!! He was a very nice Santa, really made the day for us, thank you!!"
Jane Yarmon, 12/29/16
Jane Yarmon, 12/29/16 Parent
"We all had a great time! Santa and helper were amazing!! Thank you!"
Leanna Weirson, 12/28/16
Leanna Weirson, 12/28/16 Parent
"Santa was wonderful! He was right on time and made everyone feel very special. We will be in touch to hire him again!"
Katie Williams, 12/28/16
Katie Williams, 12/28/16 Parent
"It was awesome! Your Santa was the best (professional, clean, and very good with our seniors). Thank you, and I will contact you for our future events."
Steven Janasz, 12/26/16
Steven Janasz, 12/26/16 Parent
"Santa and Mrs.Claus were absolutely amazing! They were troopers when it was a slow night for us. I definitely can't wait to call you back next year! I would love to have them for a couple more Wednesdays next year!"
Devin Gall, 12/23/16
Devin Gall, 12/23/16 Parent
"It was wonderful. We had a few less numbers than we anticipated but the kids loved it. The entertainer was great as well. We plan on doing a nice outdoor event for our volunteers this summer and Global Games might be something we would want to have."
Victor Mister, 12/23/16
Victor Mister, 12/23/16 St. Paul Community Center
"I appreciate you reaching out to follow up. I thought the event went very well. Students were very excited about the tarot card reader and palm reader; they had lines going most of the time from what I was able to observe. It seemed like everything went smoothly. Thank you for working with us on this event yet again!"
Lacey Squire, 12/20/16
Lacey Squire, 12/20/16 Parent
"Santa Garry was awesome. The kids really love him. I want to rebook him for next year."
Pam Theis, 12/19/16
Pam Theis, 12/19/16 Parent
"Everything went very well! Everyone enjoyed having Santa and Mrs. Claus here. I will definitely be contacting you again for next year. :) "
Samantha Beck, 12/19/16
Samantha Beck, 12/19/16 Parent
"Everything was great. Santa Steve does a nice job! We will definitely reach out to you guys in the future."
Kelly Kopriva, 12/19/16
Kelly Kopriva, 12/19/16 Parent