A live hip-hop variety show for kids that includes comical hip-hop performances, dance challenges, puppets, special effects/lighting, and the BIG EPIC Dance contest, which includes the students! 
10 minute pre-show with music and dancing: 
Top 40's/kids songs as the kids come in with crowd interaction, puppets... the kids get to talk on the mic as everyone dances, plays and get pumped up for the show!
30 minute Hip-Hop Variety Show: 
5 - 6 original kids hip-hop songs and the BIG EPIC Dance Contest.
Dance Contest:  
Kids form two teams, a song is played a song for each team and they dance like crazy! When the music stops, they freeze like an animal or something fun. Great time for a group picture!  
 Some of the songs include...  
"Make It Epic" - High energy intro song that ends in a confetti cannon!
"Sugar Crush" - Silly song with props/costumes and lots of dance moves about our favorite sweet treats
"Pet Song" - Song about pets featuring the fish, cat, dog, hamster, and snake puppets
"Goodnight Kid" - A great dance-a-long about a Hip-Hop Princess and her (puppet) Dragon
"Proud" - Kids are taught lyrics and then rap about being proud of who they are.
"Fruit Chop" - Kids learn to chop fruit, then n comes a banana character who interacts with the kids.
Post-Show Meet And Greet:
The kids get to dance to more music, the kids get to meet me, give me hugs after the show, and do pictures.
Length of Program: 20, 30 and 40 minutes
Recommended Ages: 5 & up
Recommended Group Size: up to 40
20 minute show (40 minute production)
30 minute show (50 minute production)
40 minute show (60 minute production)
If you have any questions or would like to book this program please contact us: